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DIN 72552 is a DIN standard for labeling the electric terminals in automotive wiring. The most frequently used labels are listed in the table below.

ContactMeaningOld terminal designation[1]
Ignition system
1 ignition coildistributor, low voltage  
1a, 1b distributor with two separate circuits  
2 breaker points magneto ignition  
4 coil, distributor, high voltage  
4a, 4b distributor with two separate circuits, high voltage  
7 terminal on ballast resistor, to distributor  
15 battery+ from ignition switch 16
15a from ballast resistor to coil and starter motor 16
15e battery+ from ignition switch, also when starter motor runs  
Preheat (Diesel engines)
15 preheat in +
17 start  
19 preheat (glow)  
45 starter relay 30f, 30h
45a starter 1 output 30h, 30h I
45b starter 2 output 30h II
50 starter control  
50a starter control  
50b starter control 50
50c starter control 50 II
50d starter control 50b, 50k
50e starter control 50a
50f starter control 50
50g starter control 50a
50h starter control 50
15 battery+ through ignition switch 16, 54/15
30 from battery+ direct 30/51
30a from 2nd battery and 12/24 V relay  
31 return to battery- or direct to ground  
31a return to battery- 12/24 V relay  
31b return to battery- or ground through switch 85d
31c return to battery- 12/24 V relay 31, 31a
Electric motors
32 return 31
33 main terminal (swap of 32 and 33 is possible) 30
33a limit  
33b field 54e
33f 2. slow rpm  
33g 3. slow rpm  
33h 4. slow rpm  
33L rotation left 30L
33R rotation right 30R
49 flasher unit in 15, 15+, 15/54, +, +15
49a flasher unit out, indicator switch in 54L, S, S4
49b out 2. flasher circuit  
49c out 3. flasher circuit  
C 1st flasher indicator light K, K1, P
C2 2nd flasher indicator light K1, K2, K3, K4
C3 3rd flasher indicator light K3, K4
L indicator lights left HL, L54, VL
R indicator lights right HR, R54, VR
L54 lights out, left SBL
R54 lights out, right SBR
AC generator
51 DC at rectifiers  
51e as 51, with choke coil  
59 AC out, rectifier in, light switch 51, 51-, 51a
59a charge, rotor out 59
64 generator control light  
Generator, voltage regulator
61 charge indicator (charge control light)  
B+ battery + 51, 51B+, B+30, B+51
B- battery - 31B-
D+ dynamo/alternator diode+  
D- dynamo/alternator diode-  
DF dynamo field  
DF1 dynamo field 1  
DF2 dynamo field 2  
U, V, W AC three phase terminals  
54 brake lights  
54g lights 54
55 fog light N
56 spot light  
56a headlamp high beam and indicator light  
56b low beam F
56d signal flash  
57 parking lights  
57a parking lights P
57L parking lights left PL
57R parking lights right PR
58 licence plate lights, instrument panel  
58d panel light dimmer 58b
58L parking light 58
58R parking light 58
Window wiper/washer
53 wiper motor + in 1, 3, 54d, S
53a limit stop + 54, +2
53b limit stop field 3, 54e
53c washer pump  
53e stop field 1, 2
53i wiper motor with permanent magnet, third brush for high speed  
Acoustic warning
71 beeper in H
71a beeper out, low  
71b beeper out, high  
72 hazard lights switch  
85c hazard sound on  
81 opener  
81a 1 out  
81b 2 out  
82 lock in  
82a 1st out  
82b 2nd out  
82z 1st in  
82y 2nd in  
83 multi position switch, in  
83a out position 1  
83b out position 2  
85 relay coil - Important if relay coil has flyback diode in parallel
86 relay coil + Important if relay coil has diode in parallel
Relay contacts
87 common contact 30/51
87a normally closed contact  
87b normally open contact  
88 common contact 2 30/51 (relay)
88a normally closed contact 2  
88b normally open contact 2  
52 signal from trailer  
54g magnetic valves for trailer brakes  
75 radio, cigarette lighter R
77 door valves control

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